Modular Kitchens 

Modular kitchens by U.S. Mobile Kitchens provide flexible and affordable high-volume foodservice space. Modular Kitchens are the perfect solution for many specific uses:
  • Marine
  • Elevated/Platforms
  • Harsh climates
  • Rough handling
Our design consultants work with clients to customize interior layout,  equipment and appliances prior to delivery. Once onsite, our technicians take care of set-up.  We can also assemble multiple modular kitchen units to meet virtually any configuration or volume requirement.
  1. Advantages of using a modular facility:
  2. Fast set-up of units on-site;
  3. Flexibility in designing units to meet clients needs;
  4. Units are pre-constructed to meet all health codes;
  5. ISBU modular units exceed snow load requirements;
  6. Fully insulated and climate controlled;
  7. Meals prepared on-site assure high quality food service; and
  8. Open work area provides efficient work area for staff.

Temporary Modular Kitchen Rentals & Sales by U.S. Mobile Kitchens

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