Modular Complexes

If you're in need of a larger, temporary foodservice space, modular complexes are the way to go.

Compared to other types of space, a modular complex can quickly provide, flexible and affordable high-volume foodservice space. Modular complexes also allow for just about an infinite number of configurations.

Our consultants work with you to help assess needs and design a modular complex that perfectly matches your requirements. The team an U.S. Mobile Kitchens will handle virtually every detail from construction, to installation, to on-site service and support.

Modular complexes are fully customizable. See our standard models below.

Modular Complexes Fleet

Large Foodservice Complex
Unit #: 56X124MOD
At 6900 Sq. Ft. (nominal), this full-scale facility is designed to feed approximately 1,400 people per day.
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Modular Foodservice Complex
Unit #: 32X40KITDIN
Seating for up to 60, this facility can easily handle up to 240 people over 4 seating intervals per meal.
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Modular Cooking Complex
Unit #: 4000MOD
This modular complex is perfectly suited for up to 4,000 meals per day.
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Modular Kitchen Complex
Unit #: 56X40MOD
Versatility is key as this complex is well suited for any number of industries.
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Modular Complex
Unit #: 7500MOD
The variety of equipment and layout makes this facility ideal for any large scale culinary operational need.
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Modular School Kitchen
Unit #: 32X40SCHOOL
The 32X40SCHOOL modular school kitchen offers a complete foodservice facility that can easily handle more than 2,000 meals per day.
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