U.S. Mobile Kitchens offers mobile/temporary facility solutions for Institutional sectors.  We offer fast, flexible and dependable services which helps ensure success of your project.

We provide solutions for the following institutional needs:

Academic Institutions

U.S. Mobile Kitchens is a leading provider of mobile kitchens, temporary dining and other mobile/temporary facilities to academic institutions.

We can provide students and staff with all the facilities and equipment necessary to support normal operations and comfort during times of construction, renovation or emergencies.  Our professionals will design, build, deliver and set-up a turnkey mobile solution that meets your exact requirements.

Healthcare Facilities

U.S. Mobile Kitchens works closely with healthcare facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-care facilities, as well as their architects and contractors. We deliver turnkey solutions for mobile kitchens, temporary foodservice and other interim facilities during times of construction, renovation and emergencies.

Acurity Contracted Supplier

From a single mobile kitchen unit to a multi-unit, multi-use configuration, we can serve virtually any need and number of people. We have proven experience locating facilities in challenging locations on sites where space is at a premium. We typically deliver mobile/temporary solutions for:

  • Construction / Renovation Projects
  • Temporary Additional Capacity
  • Emergencies and Restorations

Correctional Facilities

Mobile kitchens, modular kitchens and related temporary facilities from U.S. Mobile Kitchens are the reliable and flexible solutions to meet temporary requirements for correctional/detention facilities.  From a single mobile unit to a multi-unit configuration, they can serve the needs of virtually any number of people.

  • Prison Construction or Renovation
  • Temporary Capacity
  • Special Correctional Programs

Choose one of standard configurations or request a quote for a specific custom design to meet specific requirements.  Units can be equipped with high security and vandal-resistant fixtures for correctional facilities.

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