Shipping Container Kitchen

 ✓ Highly-customizable interior equipment layout and exterior design
 ✓ Extremely sturdy structures for temporary or permanent placement
 ✓ Easy to locate at ground level, tent side or on a platform

20+ Years of Shipping Container Kitchen Experience

Shipping Container Kitchens Available

• Rentals  • Units for Purchase  • Custom Design & Manufacturing

In addition to easy container kitchen rentals and sales, U.S. Mobile Kitchens provides complete consulting, design and manufacturing of custom shipping container kitchens. Unsure where to start? Our team of designers and fabricators can help.  

U.S. Mobile Kitchens has unparalleled experience and capabilities. Contact Us Today!

Kitchen Equipment & Appliances

A shipping container kitchen can configured with commercial grade appliances and finishes of your choice:

 ✓ Burner Range with Oven
 ✓ Deep Fryer
 ✓ Convection Oven
 ✓ Refrigerator
 ✓ Freezer
 ✓ 3-basin Sink
 ✓ Hand Sink
 ✓ Flattop Griddle
 ✓ Stainless Steel Table with Under Shelves
 ✓ Dishwasher
 And much more!

Beyond kitchen equipment and appliances, a container kitchen includes ample LED lighting, fire suppression and efficient HVAC system.

Choose U.S. Mobile Kitchens for Shipping Container Kitchen Units

With more than 20 years of experience, we provide fast, flexible and dependable services. Your budget is in mind when customizing a shipping container kitchen to fit your needs. U.S. Mobile Kitchens has one of the largest mobile, container and modular complex kitchen manufacturing capabilities in the United States.

  • 8,500 sq. ft. facility in Los Angeles, CA
  • 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Baltimore, MD
  • 37,000 sq. ft. facility in Pinetops, NC

Sample Layout 40 ft. Shipping Container Kitchen

Shipping Container Kitchen Sample Layout

What is a Shipping Container Kitchen?

The shell of a shipping container kitchen is based on an ISO cargo shipping container which can be sourced in a 20-foot, 30-foot and 40-foot length. All are 8-feet wide. Based on that platform, just about any conceivable exterior design and interior layout and kitchen requirement can be achieved. 

Shipping Container Kitchen for Rent

We have shipping container kitchen units for rent with quick delivery nationwide. Contact us today! 

Shipping Container Kitchen for Sale

Contact us to day to discuss a customer shipping container kitchen designed to your exact needs.

Shipping Container Kitchen Manufacturing

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