Emergency Response Mobile Support Facilities

Make U.S. Mobile Kitchens a Critical Part of Your Contingency Planning


The best way to avoid a crisis is to plan for it.
The team at U.S. Mobile Kitchens has more than 20-years experience assisting organizations with maintaining and delivering services throughout a wide variety of disruptive events and emergency scenarios. Let's work together in advance to plan how deployable mobile and modular facilities can be utilized to help ensure continuity of operations.

Food Service

On-the-spot meal prep for a few to 1000+ people per day.
We determine the appropriate type and configuration of deployable food service facilities to meet short-term, long-term or escalating scenarios. Self-contained units can operate in virtually any environment. Deployable emergency facilities include Kitchen Trailers, Modular Kitchens, Skid Kitchens, Mobile Food Prep, Mobile Refrigeration, Mobile Dining and Serving Facilities and much more! Have another need? See Custom Manufacturing.

Power Generation

Electricity where and when its needed.
Our team will help plan and coordinate reliable, on-site power generation—including delivery, setup and fuel. Systems can be configured to deliver virtually any temporary power generation requirements.

Base Camps

Deliver Multi-Function Operations.
In the event of a large-scale need, U.S. Mobile Kitchens can help plan equipment needs and costs for complete base camps that include everything from food service to offices, sleeping quarters, showers, restrooms, dining and serving facilities, and much more. 


You are only as good as your supply chain.
Our team will help plan and coordinate timing, delivery, setup and support of all on-site equipment. Our transportation network ensures nationwide capabilities for timely delivery, with facilities strategically located around the country.

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Emergency Response Mobile Support Facilities

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