Support Units

A mobile kitchen may be the central hub, but several supporting facilities may be required to fully deliver quality food-service.

U.S. Mobile Kitchens offers a wide array of mobile support units, including:

Mobile Food Prep

Unit provides the extra counter top, refrigeration, and shelf space to fulfill your food service needs.

Mobile Dining Facilities

U.S. Mobile Kitchens offers portable dining facilities that will suit all of your dining needs, serving up to 10,000+ meals per day.

Mobile Pot Washing

Our pot washing trailers are the perfect option when you have a need for cleaning large pots that won't fit in a standard dishwasher.

Mobile Refrigeration

All of our mobile refrigerator trailers are delivered pre-wired and ready to use.

Mobile Dishwashing

Our mobile dishwashing trailers provide the ability to supply clean dishes for any event or service when other options may not be available.

Mobile Freezer

Our freezer trailer units are powered by a self-contained generator—leaving very few places that we can't supply you with the additional freezer space you need.

Ice Making

Massive ice production in remote locations for an extended period of time.

Mobile Bar Trailer

Custom-built mobile bar trailers offer convenience and easy bar service anywhere you need.