Skid Kitchens 

Versatile Skid Kitchens for Rent or Sale

Skid Kitchens provide convenient and flexible cooking options for a variety of situations, especially when space is limited. U.S. Mobile kitchens offers a number of standard configurations or will customize a skid kitchen to match your exact needs.

Skid Kitchens are compact, self-contained units that can be equipped with either gas or electric appliances. Stainless steel surfaces make for easy clean up. Plumbing, ventilation and fire suppression systems are included where applicable. 

Use one skid kitchen to meet a specific need or multiple units to create a complete meal prep capability. Our Skid Kitchens can be equipped with any combination of the following:
  • Deep Fryers
  • Rangetop Ovens
  • Charbroilers
  • Braising Pan/Tilt Skillets
  • Flattop Griddles
  • Convection Ovens are also available on an individual basis

The Ultra-Convenient Skid Kitchen

The term "skid kitchen" is related to the base and size of the unit which allows for easy movement and placement with a fork lift. They can be used in virtually any location, including existing structures, temporary buildings and even tents. Due to their construction, skid kitchens are easy to maintain, relocate, reconfigure and service.

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