The French Laundry 

The Three Star Michelin rated restaurant The French Laundry, in Yountville, CA, was in need of a temporary kitchen solution. Modular units were custom built by U.S. Mobile Kitchens and placed on the current restaurant property, then clad in a permeable skin that wraps the public-facing surfaces. U.S. Mobile Kitchen technicians were on-site throughout the entire installation process, from the unloading of the trucks through to the final assembly. The Journal of creating the temporary kitchen was similar to putting a “kitchen in a bottle”: all of the original kitchen equipment was transferred to the temporary space while perfectly retaining the functional configurations that are familiar to the kitchen staff. A thirty-foot-wide ribbon window gives chefs a view of Washington Street and the agricultural garden across the street, while also giving guests a sneak peek into the kitchen operations.

According to The SFGATE: The temporary kitchen is ingenious: It’s made from four metal shipping containers, and replicates the original kitchen, right down to the copper pans hanging above the stainless steel vents and the five gold stars that signaled the chef’s vision of quality and perfection.

Photos 1 + 2 © Jon McNeal
Photos 17 + 18 © Oscar De La Villa Jr.
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