44' Series

44' Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Mobile Kitchens in our 44’ series offer state-of-the-art appliances and support equipment, along with ample space to meet your food service needs. Units can be customized to your exact specifications or delivered with a standard set-up.

All 44' mobile kitchen units come with on-site set-up, support and removal services. Short and long-term cost effective rentals and leasing as well as sales are available.

44-Series Mobile Kitchen Fleet

44' Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Unit #: 44-001

Packs impressive cooking capacity, prep and storage space.
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44' Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Unit #: 44-003

Provides ample space to meet big food service requirements.
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*Most READY NOW units ship as configured within two (2) business days. Due to high demand, a confirmed order is required to hold units.
44' Series

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