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Conquer Ghost Kitchen Production Flow, Logistics & Expense Control

Build-to-Order Ghost Kitchens

Master the complexities related to meal prep to be a successful ghost kitchen and delivery operation. We build fully-customized mobile and modular ghost kitchens. We also have preconfigured units available for quick delivery and interim deployments.

Trust our ghost kitchen experts with your concept.

The choice of mobile or modular ghost kitchen formats provides maximum flexibility in projecting facilities close to your customers. Our ghost kitchen design experts will work with your food types, menus and meal production requirements to design an optimized flow and equipment configuration to fit current and future operations.

Ghost Kitchens Production Flow

Production flow is critical! Consult our ghost kitchen experts about your specific concept.

Ghost Kitchen Production Flow is Critical!

Why Ghost Kitchens from U.S. Mobile Kitchens

✓ Leading manufacturer of mobile/modular commercial kitchens
✓ State-of-the-art, fully equipped facilities
✓ Your choice: custom or pre-configured units
✓ Put our team of experts to work for you

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Pre-Configured Kitchens Ready to Ship in 48 Hours*
24' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 24-055
Features large concession window and a range of appliances to meet your needs.
24' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 24-071
Equipped with a 36" flattop griddle, double convection oven, deep fryer, six burner range and more. 
28' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 28-059
Features a six burner range with oven, flattop griddle, tilt skillet, 40 lb fryer and more. 
28' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 28-081
Meet your food service needs with our 28-081 kitchen trailer.
28' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 28-082
For convenient service, this unit features a concession window.
48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 48-016
Meets your needs with two deep fryers, a 36" flattop griddle and more.
48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 48-026
Your foodservice needs will be easily met by our well-equipped 48-026 mobile kitchen trailer.
48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 48-037
Large mobile kitchen features a wide-range of equipment to meet your needs.
48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 48-062
Meet your foodservice needs with a full range of appliance and support equipment. 
48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 48-079
Features a tilt skillet, six burner range with oven, two deep fryers and more.
48' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 48-090
Meet your large scale food service needs with this 48' unit.
53' Kitchen Trailer
Unit #: 53-013
Delivers a great deal of cooking capacity with two double convection ovens, two deep fryers, and much more.

*Most READY NOW units ship as configured within two (2) business days. Due to high demand, a confirmed order is required to hold units.

What is a Ghost Kitchen?
Ghost Kitchens are commercial kitchens that exclusively prepare delivery orders. They have no visible storefront or indoor seating for customers. Unlike traditional restaurant locations, ghost kitchens allow food businesses to prepare and deliver food with minimal overhead. Ghost kitchens are just one type of delivery kitchen. Additional delivery kitchen options include:

  • Dark Kitchen
  • Virtual Kitchen
  • Cloud Kitchen
  • Field Kitchen